Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Personality?

Quiz Creator: Carley

Are you a Libra? You must be. Libras are known for being very inquisitive. Why else would you be here? Okay, we think that we might have skipped to the end of the quiz. You’re here to see if we can guess your zodiac sign based on your personality.

You’re thinking, “This will be easy. I’m such a Pisces that they’ll spot me from ten miles away.” We should be able to guess your zodiac sign exactly, as long as you answer honestly. (Looking at you, Geminis.) How would your friends describe you? Are you loyal? Do you even believe in astrology? This is what will reveal your true personality and zodiac sign, of course.

So, is your correct result written in the stars? We sure hope so! Let’s begin!

Question 1

How often do you read your horoscope?

Question 4

What were your average grades in school?

Question 6

When playing "Truth or Dare", which do you usually choose?

Question 9

Are you happy with your current job?

Question 10

Choose your favorite picture of the moon:

Question 11

If you were given the opportunity to move right now, what would you do?

Question 13

What's more important in clothing: Style or comfort?


Question 15

Now that the healthy eating part is over, which of these flavors does chocolate go with the best?

Peanut Butter
More chocolate, if I'm being honest.

Question 16

Which of these charities would you love to donate money to?

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