What Do Your Fingers Say About Your Personality?

Quiz Creator: Alex Frost

Palm reading is everywhere. You may have learned over the years that some people believe the lines on your hands can tell your past, present, and future life. Psychics and palm readers have been using this technique for years to provide predictions about what will happen in people’s lives. Here at QuirkQuiz, we have uncovered a very important discoveryyour fingers are the true “Keeper of Secrets,” not your palms. Everything from the length of your fingers to the shape of your fingernail can tell valuable information about your life.

Show us your fingers, and we’ll give you some deep insight into your true self, revealing personality traits that even you didn’t know you had. Everything from the strength of your fingers to the way your pinkie bends will give us the ability to see who you truly are.

Your fingers hold the most truth about your life … if you know how to read them. Come along for the ride and SHOW US YOUR HANDS!

Question 5

Are your fingernails long or short?

Question 8

Are your fingers thin and long? Or short and chubby?

Question 10

Are you wearing a ring right now on any of your fingers?

Question 11

Are your hands rough from physical labor or soft like a baby?

Question 12

Which of your fingers is the crookedest?

Question 13

Which of your fingers is the shortest?

Question 17

When you put your hand down naturally on the table are your fingers ...

Close together
Some space between the fingers
A lot of space between the fingers

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