We Can Tell You When You Lost Your Virginity Based Only On Would You Rather Questions

Quiz Creator: Alex Frost

Alright, let’s get real for a second here. There’s one fact about ourselves that every person has some kind of feelings about. That’s right: we’re talking about getting in on – and we’re talking about the first time you ever did it. Can we guess when you lost your v-card? Some people think they started too young, other people wish they had started sooner. No matter how you feel about your earliest entrance into the world of doing the dirty, our surprisingly accurate ‘Would You Rather’ quiz will figure out when it happened.

You might think that questions like “would you rather have the power to fly, or super strength?” have nothing to do with when you lost your virginity, but you don’t know the power of QuirkQuiz, which can take any information about you and discover your deepest, darkest secrets.

So jump into these “Would You Rather?” questions, and see if we can guess when you lost your purity.

Question 1

Would you rather have the ability to freeze time or reverse time?

Question 2

Would you rather call or text your friends?


Question 3

Would you rather win a dating reality TV show or a survival reality TV show?

Dating show
Survival show

Question 4

Would you rather be a hopeful romantic or a hopeless romantic?

Question 5

Would you rather only be able to eat meat or only fruits and vegetables?

Fruits and Veggies

Question 6

Would you rather have to say everything you think or not be able to speak at all?

Question 7

Would you rather have your thoughts appear above your head or have cameras constantly filming you?

Thoughts appear
Cameras watching

Question 8

Would you rather have chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

Question 9

Would you rather fill your house with books or plants?


Question 10

Would you rather be late to work or show up in pajamas?

Question 11

Would you rather live in the Star Wars universe or Star Trek universe?

Question 12

Would you rather live in Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome?

Question 13

Would you rather wear a tank-top everyday or a winter jacket everyday?

Winter jacket

Question 14

Would you rather be trapped in a basement or on a roof?

Question 15

Would you rather never be able to drink coffee or wine again?


Question 16

Would you rather have 10 kids or no kids?

Question 17

Would you rather eat french fries or onion rings?

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