We Can Tell if You're a Muggle or a Wizard in the "Harry Potter" Universe

Quiz Creator: Carley

Chances are if you’re taking this quiz, you’re a Harry Potter fan. You’ve read all the books (multiple times), watched the movies (multiple times), and have been sorted. While it’s nice to know what your Hogwarts house would be, what if you weren’t even a witch or wizard?

Never considered that one, have you? What if instead of, “Yer a wizard, Harry,” it was, “You’re not a wizard, whatever your name is?”. Everyone dreams of having magical powers, but now is your chance to see if you even would.

Consider this your O.W.L. exams; we’re about to see how magical you are. Now, turn to page 394 … Just kidding, let’s take this quiz instead!

Question 1

Let's start off simple! To which house do you belong?

Question 2

Which class would you ace at Hogwarts?

Question 3

Choose a pet to take with you


Question 4

You can't save them all, but you can save one. Who do you bring back from the dead?

Question 5

The most important question: books or movies?

Question 6

Shop 'til you drop! Pick a magical shop to tour

Question 7

Who's your favorite professor?

Question 8

Which magical creature are you most excited to study?

Question 10

Which of these baddies would you love to take down yourself?

Question 11

What's your favorite mode of magical transportation?

Question 12

Which character would you be BFFs with?

Question 13

Who's your favorite character from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?"

Question 14

What's your lucky number?

Question 15

If you "had" to read another book series, which would you choose?

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