Are You a Soft Girl, E-Girl, or VSCO Girl?

Quiz Creator: Carley

You’ve finally decided to receive an answer to the age old question: are you a Soft girl, Egirl, or VSCO girl? Well, you’re in luck because we know exactly which one you are!

There are several things that make up your “Girl” status, like: What kind of blush do you wear? Would you ever be caught wearing Crocs? Be honest, do you own a Hydro Flask? All of these will reveal what kind of girl you are.

So, grab you favorite scrunchie and a Hydro Flask. Are you ready to know the truth? Let’s begin!

Question 1

Good morning! Time to get ready. Let's put on some makeup!

Nope, not my style!

Question 2

What are you wearing today?

Question 3

Before we head out the door, let's do your hair!

Question 4

Where are we going first?

The gym

Question 5

BTW, which of these cars did you drive to get there?

I prefer to get around in other ways.

Question 6

Let's grab a drink at Starbucks! What are you ordering?

Question 7

Oh no! You forgot something at home, what was it?

My scrunchie
My lip gloss
My phone
My necklace

Question 8

While you're home, might as well post something on TikTok:

A new dance
A comedy routine
A new challenge
I'll just scroll through it.

Question 9

Also, let's watch a video while we're on TikTok! Who are we watching?

Question 10

Let's head back out! Which song is playing while you're going to your next destination?

Question 11

Don't text and drive! But, tell us, who was the last person you sent a text to?

Question 12

Where are you going now?

My favorite store
The theater
The park
A friend's house

Question 13

You get to where you were going and you notice someone being a bully to one of your friends. What do you do?

Question 14

Which slang word have you been using all day?

Question 15

Did you forget? You've got a date tonight! Now which one of these cuties asked you out?

They're not my "type."

Question 16

Soooo, what are they like?


Question 17

Now, what's their name?

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