Find Out If You're Colorblind With This Simple Test

Quiz Creator: Carley

Disclaimer: This is not actually a medical test. If you believe you could have colorblindness, please consult a medical professional. If not, then have fun taking this quiz!

Are you ready to find out if you’re colorblind or not? Did you know that 300 million people in the world are colorblind? You could very well be one of them. Colorblindness is most often hereditary. (So thank your parents if you get a positive result.) There are also three main types of colorblindness: red-green colorblindness, blue-yellow colorblindness, and total colorblindness. So, let’s see if you possess one of these three or if you have perfect vision!

So, now that the science-y stuff is over, let’s get colorful! Ready? Let’s go!

Question 1

Let's start simple (and delicious!) How many orange macarons are in this photo?


Question 2

Are the inside and outside of this fruit the same color?

Question 3

Do these balloons get progressively lighter as they go down?

Question 4

What color is the nail polish on the middle finger?

Question 5

Which two colors comprise the petals of these tulips?

Question 6

What should you be doing while this light is on?

Question 7

Has this smart guy solved his Rubik's cube yet?

Question 8

What color sprinkles are on this delicious ice cream cone?

Question 9

How many different colors are there in this ball pit?

Question 10

Choose the color of the garnish on top of these chocolates:

Question 11

Is this quiz making you want to roar yet? Which color are the dots on this T-Rex?

Question 13

How many yellow clothes pins are there?

Question 14

Is this banana the same color as the background?

Question 15

Are these two beautiful horses the same color?

Question 16

Which color is this pretty ladybug?

Question 17

What color are these disgusting little germs?

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