We Know What Kind of Kisser You Are

Quiz Creator: Carley

Are you ready to find out what kind of kisser you are? Or maybe what kind of kisser you’ll be? Well, you’re in luck! Because we here at QuirkQuiz know exactly what kind of kisser you are. But don’t worry, you don’t have to kiss us. We’re just that good.

There are several different types of kissers: Shy, passionate, awkward, and tons more. So, through a series of questions and maybe a small section of your romantic history, we’ll figure out exactly where you fall. We need you to think long and hard about things like: What was your first kiss like? What’s your go-to meal on dates? How long should you date before you kiss for the first time?

Are you ready to kiss your romantic secrets goodbye? Okay, let’s begin!

Question 1

Describe your first kiss:

Question 2

In your opinion, which of these is the worst thing during a kiss?

Question 3

Now, what makes a good kiss?

Question 4

Which of these locations looks like the best place for a kiss?

Question 5

Do you think that a date should always end with a kiss?

Question 6

Which of these people would be the worst to kiss?

Question 7

Choose an emoji to describe the last kiss that you had:

Question 8

By the way, how old are you?

Question 9

Which of these lipsticks is the best for a kiss?

Something different

Question 10

Which of these celebs do you think would be the best kisser?

Question 14

During a kiss, do you like to be kissed anywhere else?

My neck
My cheek
My ear
No, keep it to the mouth, please!

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