How Many Friends Do You Really Have?

Quiz Creator: Carley

Are you ready to find out how many friends you really have? There’s no backing out now. In this day and age, it’s hard to know who is really your friend, and who just clicks a heart on your Instagram picture.

Of course, we need to know a lot about you. Your personality is truly what reveals how many friends you have. If you’re extroverted, you will definitely have more friends. But also, are you smart? Bossy? Dramatic? Kind? That is what will seal your friendship fate!

Hopefully, you’ll keep being our friend after you get your result! Grab your best friendship bracelet and let’s go!

Question 1

How long have you known your oldest friend?

Question 2

Do you have more women friends or men friends?

I would say an even mix

Question 3

How old are you?

Question 4

Which of these TV shows about a friend group is your favorite?

Question 5

Choose a popular food combination:

Peanut butter & jelly
Chips & salsa
Hamburger & fries
Coffee & doughnuts

Question 7

Do you consult your friends on your major life decisions?

Question 10

What were you like in school?


Question 12

Do you live in a city or the country?


Question 13

What's your relationship status?

Question 14

Which of these fast food places is your favorite?

Question 15

How often do you and your friends text each other?

Question 16

How do your friends get you through a bad day?

They talk to me
We get drinks
We go to the spa
They give me space

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