This Test Will Reveal How Many People Have Been In Love With You

Quiz Creator: Carley

Are you ready to find out how many people have fallen in love with you? If you’re here, we’re guessing you already think the number is pretty high. Why do you believe that so many people could have fallen in love with you? Is it just that you have fallen in love with many different people and wanted to see if the feeling was mutual?

Have you had multiple, passionate relationships that no one truly got over? Perhaps you’re such a great catch that people can’t help but fall in love with you? Or as the quote goes, “Love without reason lasts the longest.” Maybe we’ll give you a result of more people than you even thought could love you. Of course, the quiz is dependent upon you. Are you very romantic? Straightforward? Do you never hold back on how you feel?

Are you ready? You should begin taking this quiz before we fall in love with you. Let’s begin!

Question 3

How many times have you moved in the past decade?

Question 4

When did you begin dating?

Question 5

Where would you rather dance with your boo?

In the kitchen
In the club

Question 6

What is your idea of the perfect date?

Netflix & chill
Dinner & a movie
Beach trip

Question 8

Which of these romantic gestures would mean the most?

A foot massage
Baking desserts together
Spontaneous roadtrip

Question 10

You can be guaranteed one of these things, which do you choose?


Question 11

A magical being offers to grant you immortality. The only catch is no one you care about will be granted the same gift. What do you do?

Question 13

Do you believe in luck?

Question 15

Are you hoping that your first child will be a boy or a girl?

It doesn't matter as long as it's healthy
I don't want children ... or human ones, anyway.

Question 16

Choose a chocolate dessert:

Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate cake
Chocolate bar
I don't really care for chocolate

Question 17

Have you ever dated someone just for their looks, money, social status, etc.?

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